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…and I believe in producing high-quality work that fuels the engagement between brands and their audience. My passion is design!

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design guru, radio-head, maker, tinkerer, epicurian...

Basically... I’m a creative guy!

For the past 2 decades, I have honed my design skills designing a wide variety of products – for an equally wide variety of clients. I started my own garment screen-printing company in 1994, covering all aspects of the design and print production himself, but I soon realized that my passion lay in the creative side of the business. Since 1996, I have focused solely on the graphic design, web design and print fulfillment needs of my clients.

I am much more than a multiple award-winning graphic and web designer – I create business opportunities for my clients. I design corporate logos, promotional materials, product packaging and garments, as well as corporate web sites. I have extensive knowledge of many print, production and manufacturing methods, which compliment my design skills and makes any project I am involved with a very smooth process from concept to realization.

This is where I write about things that I find inspiring. I hope you find something interesting here!

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